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Visiting a professional dominatrix for the first time is always a nerve wracking experience. To help make that first step into Fetish & BDSM easier we've put together our top tips for novices to allay your fears and steer you clear of any faux paus. Enjoy!




The Tribute

Nothing in this life is free and Mistresses are the same. If you can't find any prices on the website simply drop them a polite email asking how much the 'tribute' is going to be. It is usually done per hour.

You are NOT paying for sex!

Some people contact a Professional Domme expecting kinky sex - big mistake. If that's what you are after we suggest visiting an escort site or a massage parlour. When you are visiting a Pro Domme it is because you wish to explore Fetish and Domination, that is their expertise and that is what they will expect you to ask for.

Do a little research.

There is a difference between Fetish, Bondage and Sadomasochism. The following link goes into great detail on the subject. There  are also a lot of BDSM activities and terms you may never have heard of before, our BDSM Dictionary provides excellent definitions for newbies to study, helping you get the most out of that first session.

You get a consultation.

99.9% of Mistresses will offer you a consultation period before the session begins and if they don't offer it ask for one. This time is important  as it is used for discussing the session in more detail as well as your own limits, preferences and any health issues that may affect things.

You get a 'safe' word.

Before the session begins your Mistress should tell what the 'safe' word is. This is basically an indicator to the Mistress that you have reached your pain limit and can't go further with that particular activity. It is always respected although try not to over use it, remember you have to expect a little discomfort!

Don't be a smelly slave.

It is always good practice to make sure you arrive for your session clean and fresh smelling. There is nothing more embarrassing then a Mistress gagging on your BO or worse, a little deodorant can go a long way too.

Be respectful.

Although some people want to be punished for being naughty that doesn't mean you can mouth off to your Mistress. There are hotlines for talking dirty and unless you show a little respect most Mistresses won't return your emails.

Be punctual.

Arrive on time. Being late is a cardinal sin, and one you won't enjoy getting punished for. Also be careful not to arrive too early, Mistresses need time to prepare for your session and don't like being rushed. If you arrive before you are supposed to best to go for a coffee and just wait.

No drink. No drugs.

If you arrive drunk or high for your session then the session is over. Remember Mistresses talk to each other and slaves who cross the line will get black listed. (Please note some Mistresses offer Amyl Nitrate (Poppers) during a session to help heighten the experience, used sensibly they can be fun, but they are not for everyone. If you are interested best to inquire beforehand.)

Sessions grow and evolve.

Don't expect to find all the answers straight away. You may try things you thought were for you and not enjoy them and vice versa.  No two sessions are ever the same and in time you will begin to get a feel for what you are after, a good Mistress will precipitate this process by always testing your limits without ever going too far.

Everyone is different.

Some people find the right Mistress straight away, others need to experiment for a bit. Some go once a month, others once a year. The point is everyone is different so stick with what works best for you. Good luck!




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